Auction Items

Ready for the Auction!


AA Auction has been in business 27 years, serving our community since 1981.

We are located on Hwy 101 at the Streetcar Village.

We specialize in antiques, collectibles, glassware, furniture, appliances, household goods, jewelry, sporting goods, outdoor goods and more.

Auctions are generally held the first Saturday of the month starting at 6PM — be there early, we fill up fast! 

Retail Sales Wednesday-Saturday  10AM-5PM

Estates Are Our Specialty

In most cases we are prepared to make a bid on a complete clean out of your estate. Our clean out bids include:
1) All sorting and packing of all items.
2) All labor and transportation cost. 
3) All labor and fees involved in the disposal of all garbage to be removed from the estate.( with the exception of tires, batteries, harmful and illegal pesticides and other hazardous materials.)

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4) All floors and carpets are swept. All counters and cupboards are wiped clean, and the garage is broom swept. Your home will be left bare, clean and suitable for a realtor  or renter.

NOTE; Some estates may not be eligible for a complete clean out bid due to the quality, condition or location of the estate.

Consignment Sales. We also accept some consignments. Consignments are limited to high end pieces and complete estates.